The Sex Ladder Next To Cinderella’s Room

So an answer for all of those that ask of why they haven’t heard of myself or the other female artists that have performed with me (i.e. DollDaze, Kayenne, etc.). Once people have witnessed the live performances or visited our sites they ask the same thing in disbelief.

It’s just like another job setup. You have those that stay up all night preparing that dope proposal that will skyrocket the business. Then you have those that stay up all night over at the C.E.O.’s hotel suite.

Of course, you’re going to see the sleepover employee with the new corner office and reserved parking the next day. You know the old saying about something being quick doesn’t mean that it has longevity?

One thing the C.E.O. cannot debate over is the fact that the proposal he was handed was extraordinary. Once the company fails due to the sexy staff member “half-assing everything” or the strong employee leaving, the company is begging for the hard-working one to stay. Sounds like the an industry you know?

It’s the typical Cinderella story. The stepmother couldn’t stand the 2 ugly step-sisters. She only liked the fact that she could control them. Cinderella was the one that did all the work. It’s the exact same with the industry. The groups and artists that have given up everything that really matters are going to be the first ones you get to see. Every path has a quick elevator that gets stuck whenever the electricity fails or too many people get on. The industry has obviously became cheapen with the lack of musicians and real artists. The elevator has become stuck. The real legendary artists are leaving out of fire exits cause they see how ghetto the crowd has become. Record stores close, consumers stop paying for the material (even if they are playing it), and the overexposed artists start to look and sound alike. Trapped on the elevator, the space of creativity shrinks.

You (the consumer and elevator technician) have to go out to the live shows and support the real music which does exist. These artists don’t sell out for the quick fame or material things because they’ve worked too hard to make what has your mouth dropping open. When the major labels run the market, they are going to put the artists that have quickly sold their souls in front of you before those that understand what the majors want them to give up. There is a balance though.

Fore, each type of artist is getting what they more than likely got into the business for.

So the knight in shiny armor. Where the F*CK is he?

He comes in the form of 2 types:

  1. the concert promoter of new artists or venue owner that has a reputation to uphold and bills to pay. The major acts are too costly for a lot of them. They also come to find out that their shows are not all what the video hyped them up to be. So, these businessmen have a crowd to make happy.
  2. the true music fans who like what they like. After being fed by a commercialized industry. The fan goes out to an underground show and sees something organic not fixed up by a major company that manufactures hollow molded acts. The fan at this point decides who to support.



2 thoughts on “The Sex Ladder Next To Cinderella’s Room

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