“Clean Up on Aisle 7. There’s a Broken Jar of Humanity”

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Last night, a friend and I stopped by a Walmart, because Targè was closed already. While venturing through, we realized that we had become hungry. We saw a couple of people working over in the deli so, our feet made their way over there. Since our stomachs were thinking for us, one of the guys behind the counter had to inform us that this section were closed. My friend asked about the huge amount of food still sitting out and he replied that he was cleaning up and had not got to that section yet. With a look of fear over my companion’s face, the worker quickly heard the question, “what are you going to do with that?” The last thing we wanted to hear was, “save it for tomorrow.”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “throw it away.”

The problem is that on this night, it felt like ice outside. Even though, we knew we had plenty of options and were going to probably turn around and just buy something else packaged in the store, my mouth popped out, “with all the hungry people out there?” Even most pizza places are known to give to the hungry at the end of the work day. The man replied, “I know.”

“Do you know how many nights my family and I need groceries and I have to sadly throw all this food away?” “If I even touch one piece for my own consumption, they got me and, I’m gone,” he stated (while aiming his eyes up at the black UFO cameras).

Photo of “John,” by Lisa Barker, is among images on display in the exhibition “Unseen Neighbors: Homeless in Rochester” in Gallery r.
"Other squirrels want nuts, I dine on a 3 piece with macaroni salad every night."

The notion is ridiculous that, as a company, we expect rodents and bugs to eat the left over food instead of our own hungry population. I know Walmart has charities and donates to good causes but, it contradicts itself when they waste the non-monetary goods every single night. There are probably some legal reasons like liability of food quality and other crap for them to try to validate their policies but, if I can purchase it and hand it to someone on the corner, I damn sure think Walmart could give to a food kitchen or shelter at night. Tax deduction is the closes to push to do “right” for some companies.

I wonder if they would allow a local company or church to pick it up at night and take it to the shelters? I’m seeing him dispose of food that could have fed at least 10 families not counting what was already disposed of before we arrived.

It seems like this Walmart does carry everything but, runs out of “giving a fuck” about 10:30 every night. https://i1.wp.com/blog.karlribas.com/images/walmart-bitch.jpg


3 thoughts on ““Clean Up on Aisle 7. There’s a Broken Jar of Humanity”

  1. Walmart does not simply throw away the product. All meat items like chicken and beef are sold to a 3rd party company that recycles the waste to make cosmetics and soap. The food left in the HOT CASES is not that great around 10:30pm it is not fresh and walmarts policy is “if you would not feed it to your family dont sell it to customers” works pretty well!


  2. If it’s a matter of management over a particular location then that’s different. The guy I spoke to was actually dumping it in trash containers in front of us. I am speaking of the hot case food you were describing. I know that what I saw seemed fresher than the trash I’ve seen people digging in for food. Most companies are worried about legal defense when it comes to food being no good. However, I still wonder about a more efficient way of discarding such food. Even if it is properly transferred to a homeless shelter or similar.
    There’s a piece of the puzzle that I may not understand, being that I don’t run a huge chain like Walmart.

    The human in me tries to understand though.

  3. To the Walmart Employee,
    Walmart sure is feeding u a line of shit, I was a manager in the spercenters and we threw it away, not selling to 3rd parties and i have only been gone for 3 mos. This is way the public hate this sorry ass company is that they lie and cheat every customer out there along with their associates.

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