My Blind Date Named Smokey

I had a blind date last night. It’s always scary when you don’t know what you’re getting. I was told his name is Smokey. “Smok-eeey!” I yelled. I heard heavy breathing and the sound of metal clanging. I expected a rather stout type but what came around the corner was something more resembling the Bersteins.

Papa Berstein Bear
Papa Berstein Bear

He moved pretty quickly as he lifted his limb and touched my thigh. I actually didn’t mind. He would not stop rubbing himself all over me. He really knocked me off my feet (about 4 times).

Well going from a blind date to a relationship has never happened so quickly. I’ve fallen for him. His house is up on a hill. Even though it’s a little too frugal for most, a tool shed is the lap of luxury for his type. There’s no tools just a nice kitchen, bedroom, and piano lounge to make up his castle.

Smokey has won me over. I love to cook but this is going to be a very demanding appetite to fill.


Thank you Chuck Woolery, I mean Hakim.

He sounds like this from the driveway.
He sounds like this from the driveway.
But, I swear he’s just like this in my hands.

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