Workers punished with old burgers #PREalert

um… “I’m lovin’ it?”

A British businessman fed 2-day-old McDonald’s burgers to partners after one complained about the food at a five-star hotel, sources told the Daily Mail. Damon Buffini, 46, the millionaire head of private equity firm Permira, allegedly purchased more than 100 burgers from a London McDonald’s and presented the food to employees 48 hours later, the Daily Mail reported Friday. The Daily Telegraph said the incident took place at the Pennyhill Park hotel. The newspaper said Buffini instructed hotel staff to serve the burgers for dinner during a weeklong company retreat after a partner complained about the hotel’s food. Buffini told the partners during their burger dinner that the meal was meant to remind them of “how lucky they are.” A Permira spokesman was unavailable for comment, the Daily Mail said. Andrew Hamadanian, senior communication officer for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, raised concerns about the health risks involved in eating fast-food after 48 hours. “Without knowing the specific details, McDonald’s and other fast-food are made to be eaten straight away,” he said. “We would not encourage eating food that may not have been stored properly between purchase and consumption.”

source: UPI


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