Insane Face Tattoos

wonderful work but, WTF!?!?!?
Peep the conservative suit!
Peep the conservative suit!

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Click here for the full blog source Media-Post.Net that I ran across thru Global Grind.


5 thoughts on “Insane Face Tattoos

  1. You don’t see many women with a tattoo on their face.
    But I’ve seen two in my life and I tell you IT IS SEXY!!!!
    I don’t mean cosmetic tattooing, which is alright too, but one with a butterfly and one with a rose on her cheek.
    The rose was rather big too!
    I admire the guts of these women and would like to see some pictures of women with facial tattoos.
    In general tattoos on women are sexy! (And they know that…) I’m glad it is now so trendy.

  2. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix well with tattoo ink. I can tell you !
    I indulged too often in the fun and now that I am approaching my forties, I am a rather heavily tattooed woman.
    To my despair I had my face tattooed too.
    I find it horrible to look at now even though iy is professionally done. and have to cover it every morning with a heavy make up to hide it !
    At lunch time I have to touch it up again, just to make sure I don’t get l;aughed at.
    Infatuation with the wrong guy and my addictions ruined my life.

  3. I feel sorry for Hannah, but I am going to get a rather large tattoo put on my face.
    Yes, my man has a great influance on me, but it is ultamately MY decision and nobody else’s.
    I am not drunk and do no drugs.
    I have walked around with a fake tattoo on my cheek for two weeks and love the attention I get.
    My man says it is very sexy and is, if possible, more excited about it than I!

  4. Yes, this is the same Lizbeth again, we are a month later now.
    My man designed the tattoo and I had a few changes made, then we went to the tattoo parlor and there the artist suggested a few improvements too.
    Last week I went under the needles! We decided to do the outlines first, let them heal and fill in the colors and do the shading later.
    I have now the outlines on the left side of my face! we are treating ot very carefully, so I get no infections, that could spoil the image.
    It is extremely exciting to get your face tattooed, I can tell you now! My man is happy, like a pig in shit now and loves me more than ever.
    In a couple of weeks it will be finished.
    Yes it is sexy!! I know now from experience !! Ha…!

  5. By now I have the complete tattoo on the left side of my face ! It consists of colorlul flowers and a cute fantasy bird. It is totally healed now and for about a month I go out in the public with it now.
    It is definetely the most exciting experience of my life ! The reactions of people are mixed, but many are positive and mostly men compliment me with it !
    My own man is crazy about it and gets turned on every time he looks at me, he said ! I like that !!
    Myself, I feel much more sexy now, it is a turn on for me too. Sometimes I forget about it and when I look in the mirror I surprise myself !
    It will take time to get used to it. It feels like big change in my life.

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