Forced Art Becomes a Fart.

Only a few people understand this. For the majority of those that don’t, they wonder why they cant get songs out of you like combo specials in the drive thru. You end up with the same type of product easily duplicated by the fast food restaurant/producer. To rush art completely disrespects any of the natural processes that necessarily took place to have it. The masterpieces take time but there is an impatience with those with a lack of knowledge. The problem of current music comes about. Something not respected or thought of with music are some of the simplest things if broken down:

1. Experiencing the experience:

“Loving a Junkie” is a song I wrote because I ACTUALLY LIVED IT. To get a substance filled song, the substance has to be understood. I put in the personal time in my life to be with this person and go thru the ride of love. I also had a bunch of crap happen in the middle that may have been the end for some. For quite a few legends there are stories of drugs, suicide, murder, and so on. I hear people explain how they wish they could create like artists do. There is a balance to everything. The conservation of life is a sacrifice a lot of artists make in order to be your entertainer. If anyone is familiar with Ray Charles’s story, the backup singer he was involved with sung “Hit the Road Jack.” She allowed herself to be personal enough with Ray to go thru the trials and tribulations that made the delivery believable. Even maybe without her knowing, the gift she delivered to us was from the pain of loving him. A lot of my own creative process comes from memories evolving to a finally understood lesson because of some trigger at a particular moment in my life.

It makes me nauseated when some say if you made that you’ll make another one. I want to know who gave them the guarantee of ignorance? You want another “Loving A Junkie?” Ok, give me a new man to fall for on that level with natural chemistry, a few years away from everyone to go be a apart of a relationship, cross your fingers that I make it out again, give the producer the same inspiration and experience again to create the same feel of music, let our schedules meet back up again, miraculously we have no additional situations since last time, and somehow let it be a whole new song not copying an already made work called, “Loving A Junkie.”

2. Staging the Bedroom

For a lot of artists including myself, creating the music is like masturbating for some. The studio is a very intimate place depending on the depth of the material being made. How more personal can you get when someone is telling you lessons learned from theirs or their friends’ most trying times in life. Unless you’re doing a “pop champagne song,” the moment you hear Jim Jones talk about losing a close elder in his family is probably one of very few times you won’t see the whole entourage in the studio with him. When working with someone knew, some of the robots around me wonder what the wait is for when it comes to the product.

Music comes from the heartbeat. Guess what? When a new team is introduced to work together, the mating dance takes place. You have to find each others comforts & match the heartbeats in the studio suite. The bigger the team the more courting may be needed. Even with an orgy, everyone has to find their position or it’s just an awkward mess.

If an artist needs candles, frozen cabbage, Teddy Ruxpin, or whatever, that is what he/she needs.

3. Removal of Safety Tape

A true artist is his own worst critique. You will never out do him on this. An artist may use himself as a vessel for the music to come thru then he will go back to critique. If you heard everything an aritst has done, you may lose loyalty towards that person. You may hear some of the worst crap you could imagine. There is picture in the artist head that he will fine-tune and make sense of if you allow him to be left alone with his canvas.

4. Preliminary Puzzle Pieces

It is important that it is understood that the puzzle pieces (art) were being created before being found. Even to organize the pieces does not mean going to the puzzle maker and requesting a change in the make up of them. If you know an artist only puts out an album every 5 years, than the biz plan is on how to make that work for that artist. You can bring 5 songwriters into a studio and watch each one find a closet. Everyone should get along but everyone may not work together. It’s perfectly fine.To change the process of how the art is made can lead to a decrease in quality and lost of supporters.


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