Couple to become Korea’s oldest divorcees

A South Korean couple, ages 94 and 83, have set a new record in the country as the oldest couple to file for divorce.

The Seoul Family Court said the 94-year-old man and his 83-year-old wife have been married for more than 30 years and both have children from previous marriages, the Korea Times reported Friday.

The wife’s divorce filing claims she suffered “humiliation” at the hands of six children from her husband’s first marriage.

“His children constantly said bad things about me behind my back, which broke the trust and sincerity between us,” she said in the filing.

However, her husband claims the marriage fell apart because the woman had an affair with another man earlier in the decade and even traveled to Hawaii with the other man.

The man’s filing claims an agreement signed before the marriage states that she would receive no more than $310,000 in the divorce. However, the woman claims the document is not legally binding and she did not understand what she was agreeing to at the time.

The court is scheduled to rule on the divorce in April.


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