Girls Never Throw Straight

What happens when Eve has to hunt?

You have her hiding meat in the cellar to protect Adam’s ego. His ego is attractive to her and, it’s what makes him able to hunt without the terror Eve masks when she has to. While he may rant and rave about taking down a lion, she remembers the thought of almost losing her life when she did & seeing the abandoned cubs afterwards. Eve hates hunting but what does she do when there’s more needed & she’s seen how hard Adam just worked today?

The object of skee ball is to collect as many points as possible by rolling balls up an incline and into the designated point value holes. ~Wikipedia

My father has said for years that girls never throw straight. It was always in a joking manner. I think it also applies to other things in life. I have to speak for myself when I say that I was impressed when the ball went right in the center of the skee ball many years ago but never since.

Most of us have heard of Xena or even Wonder Woman. They had a duty to use their powers and strengths but the male superheros didn’t have to prep hair and makeup everyday on top of probably a “bad time of the month” visitor. There were other factors that if they had the chance, the female warrior and flight captain would much rather just gather. I haven’t had the privilege of walking in the front door & telling someone that I don’t have it. It was usually just an empty dark home echoing to me that I’d better figure it out. I think the fact that I would, made others believe that my home always had another living there.

I have friends that frequent female strip clubs. They wonder why they get me down. I see a whole bunch of Eves without an Adam. Not for all but, to watch them “gather” from the floor the profit of their pole “hunt” is difficult for me. I’ve noticed that a lot of strippers have clients that try to find out as much about them as they can. On the other hand, the average girl walking through the mall gets hit on by men that just want her to strip.The irony of being a female.

The statement “money is the root of all evil” may not be exactly true but it is a powerful thing that makes some seem evil when “hunting” for it.

I wish to not have to hide meat in the cellar anymore. Hunting can be horrifying.

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