So Now Everything Is Google’s Fault

by  Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington

A year ago British musician Billy Bragg was whining that Bebo should be paying musicians a portion of their $850 million liquidity event, arguing that “the musicians who posted their work on are no different from investors in a start-up enterprise?Now that the business has reaped huge benefits, surely they deserve a dividend.? We dismantled his emotional rant and suggested that, actually, Bebo should be paid for all the free marketing they gave those musicians. 367 comments later, our readers were still divided between the realists and the “it’s not fair” crowd.

Now he’s back again, this time targeting Google. Thank God the bloggers are here to call bullshit because the journalists, fearing their own looming unemployment, are jumping on board the idiot bandwagon.

Last week Bragg pointed his anger at Google, demanding that the company play music videos on YouTube’s UK site and pay the demanded royalty (Google just took the videos down instead of paying). His argument is ridiculous – that Google should literally be forced to play music videos that it no longer wants to play, and then…

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