Book: Why Men Leave

A Revolutionary New Program Which Provides You With Fast And Proven Means Of creating Joyous and Deeply Satisfying Relationships.

For People With Troubled Marriages, and Are Seeking Marriage Help.

For Singles Who Repeatedly Find Themselves In Hurtful Relationships.

For Dating Couples Seeking To Save Their Relationships.

For Couples Who Are Currently Happy, However Seeking New Ways To Even Further Improve Your Relationship.

For Singles Who Can’t Find a Meaningful Relationship.

“Ideal for both men and women who wish to learn the deeper secrets behind creating a life of passionate and loving relationships.”

Dr. Brenda Shoshanna is a clinical psychologist, internationaly acclaimed author, and found of Everyone Win Mediation.  She appears regularly on network & cable television, radio, magazines and newspapers. She lends her expertise to worldwide audiences as a renown psychologist and relationship expert.

Dear Friend,

If you give me 5 minutes and set everything else aside, I promise that a wonderful discovery awaits you today.

If you are a man or a woman, are currently engaged in a troubled relationship, or have found yourself repeatedly involved in “failing” relationships, this is where I can help you. For over 30 years I’ve been working in New York as a Ph.D psychologist and psychotherapist, where I have specialized in helping couples and individuals find the happiness they seek as partners, and as individuals.

I have compiled my years of experience and research into “WHY MEN LEAVE”, an ebook program that is a one-of-a-kind guide, and provides you with step by step techniques, methods and new understandings of how to achieve happiness and well-being in your relationships.

After a relationship ends, whether it’s a 20 year marriage or a promising romance, women and men ask themselves over and over, what went wrong? They ask themselves, their friends and their therapists. Sometimes they even spend weeks, months or years blaming themselves. Some become increasingly afraid to become engaged in new relationships again. Other remain in the same painful relationship.

“WHY MEN LEAVE” is a revealing, intimate ebook program which is the result of years of psychological study and field research with a singular point — to understand male psychology with regards to relationships, and derive from men themselves the fears they face, and hopes they have in a relationship. The result? Important discoveries – both startling, enlightening and scientifically grounded – as to why men decided to end their relationships, and what could have made it easier for them stay and find a meaningful resolution.

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with the men, and extensive expert research, along with insights from today’s top psychologists, “WHY MEN LEAVE” gives, for the first time, a full picture of what men need to be happy, find to be challenging, or finally unbearable in their relationships.  And because it is from the man’s perspective, new and unique insights and solutions are proven to become apparent for both woman and for men.

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