Nana Ama Agyemang Asante: The ailing music industry in Ghana

If there is anything I loved doing besides reading as little girl it was listening to music. I listened to anything and everything; I was way too young to understand any genre of music. All I knew was it was comforting to just listen and drown my woes and believe me I Have a good many.

The kind of people I listened to were decided by what my parents listened to, so I had no choice but endure Sam Cook, Lionel Richie, Nina Simone, Egya Koo Nimo, E.T. Mensah and many others. And I particularly liked Egya Koo Nimo for his song ‘Adesua Ye Ya’ because of the long hours I had to spend over my books with my ready with the cane ready on me if I dozed off.

And these people have remained my favorites till date. They sing with emotion and the songs have meaning to every listening ear. Since I gained the right to my music, I haven’t had the guts to listen to a lot of modern music especially the Ghanaian ones. I know we have produced some of the best musicians and bands like Kojo Antwi, Rex Omar and my favourite band of all time, Osibisa. Gosh they had a way with their instruments and lyrics unlike some of the people who claim to be musicians but can’t write coherent lyrics.

I hear the Ghana Music Awards is ten years old this year and there sure would be some big award ceremony except I dread the kind of winners it would produce again.

The Organizers have done well in promoting both Ghanaian music and musicians, only we don’t have that many musicians that require all the fanfare. The numbers of songs released over the past year I am sure only six deserve an award of any kind. It has been an agony having to endure these songs due to the payola.

Whatever happened to the flourishing music industry in Ghana, when people could sing their songs with live bands and kept their audience on their feet till the end of the show? I have never been to an Amakye Dede concert but I hear it’s always great and he has never been booed off any stage yet. I believe this because most people can relate to the content of his songs and appreciate his kind of music. And this is a man who started singing when we were not as sophisticated…

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