The Sex Ladder Next To Cinderella’s Room Pt.2

I always wondered what if Cinderella slept with the prince instead of dancing on the dance floor?

The elevator would have been her choice to ask the Prince to sneak away to the storage room instead of staying on the dance floor. The dance gave him a chance to dance with Cinderella instead of just sticking his penis into some chick at the dance. He got to see how she moved with him and they got to look into each others eyes.

The viewer fell in love with Cindy because of her story but, she had to dress as her sisters to get noticed. She felt that society (I mean the Prince) wouldn’t have seen her value right from the jump. I think women can relate…

Cinderella held out and introduced her inner self first which made it more meaningful. She decided to start on the first step of the ladder and hope her way up. Hope is all we have as a people.

I mean, the guy ran around with a shoe trying to find her.

So, the ladies in the music industry can climb the ladder and own their position or push a button and feel gravity pull everything that makes them individually who they are get pulled from them.

I was listening to this at the time I wrote this:


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