Book: How To Break Free From Their Spell


and stop that magical hold they have over you…

….maybe they are in your life
….maybe they are gone
….maybe they just can’t give you what you want
or need
from them…
….or maybe they just don’t want to.

It doesn’t matter, either way you just can’t seem to let them go.
Shake them off of you. Get them out of your heart and mind.
And you can’t function. You’re not happy. You cry all the time.

You love someone. Or do you? Maybe you don’t love them at all. All you know is that they have some kind of magical hold over you, some kind of spell that keeps you from being happy and living your life to your fullest. You want desperately to break free from their spell, but the more you try, the harder it is.

We will call them ‘Your Enchanter’.

Perhaps you love someone who doesn’t love you back. Or perhaps you love someone who is unavailable. Maybe they are married. Or in jail. Or in a coma. Or just plain commitment phobic. Maybe you love someone who has an addiction, or personality disorder such as narcissism, bipolar, or depression.

And still maybe you have someone in your life that is desperately bad for your emotional wellbeing, or who is causing you to be unhappy, and you need to find a method to detach from them … to stop letting them hurt you and cause you grief.

Too, sometimes we even get attached to another because we like the benefits that come from the relationship with them… such as social status, monetary gains, career opportunities, health insurance, or even sexual satisfaction.

Then there are those we stay with out of fear. We fear being alone. We fear reprisal should we leave. We fear losing our children or homes. We fear financial burden. We fear what our church, family, or friends will think. We fear losing our job.

Guilt can also keep us in someone’s life. We may feel guilty about leaving them. And, too, we may be with someone because of the time we invested in them or in the relationship.

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