Book: Help! I’m in Love with a Narcissist

Steven Carter and Julia Sokol

Steven Carter and Julia Sokol introduced the term commitment phobia in their groundbreaking, million copy bestseller, Men Who Can’t Love. Now they are tackling the major relationship issue of our times—narcissism. Narcissists always make sure that their relationships are organized around their priorities, their agendas, and their problems; they are people who are so self involved that they can’t really relate to their partners’ needs. Help, I’m in Love with a Narcissist spells out why it’s so easy to get romantically involved with narcissists, who are often experts in intensity, passion, and seduction, and also highlights the difficulties of remaining in these relationships.

Using detailed anecdotes from narcissism survivors, the authors illustrate the common pitfalls of narcissistic relationships and help readers come to terms with exactly what they are experiencing. They also draw the connection between narcissism and commitment issues as well as between narcissism and addictive behaviors such alcoholism.

With in-depth analysis, readers will learn how to cope with narcissistic relationships and how to get help or get out. Here are the valuable tactics and survival tips men and women in narcissistic relationships must have in order to take care of themselves.

• Identify narcissistic behavior and its painful impact
• Know why you may be particularly vulnerable to narcissists
• Recognize how narcissists make you feel special (at first).
• Understand why you are doing most of the work in the relationship.
• Learn to avoid future narcissistic seduction.
• Arrive at a realistic appraisal of your partner’s capacity for change

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