Malcolm X Abram: Vinyl still spinning, just for the record

Saturday celebration honors neighborhood retailers

Time and technology move inexorably forward, often leaving in their wake people who simply can’t keep up with devices and formats that go from brand new to obsolete in a few years.

By most accounts both expert and amateur, the digital downloading revolution should have put the final nails into the record store coffin. The success of online storefronts such as iTunes and Rhapsody killed several once-mighty record store chains, including Tower Records and Virgin Megastores.

But the little guys — in this case independent record store owners — persevered, surviving where the corporate behemoths failed.

In 2007, a group of music lovers got together and founded Record Store Day, as a celebration of the spirit and ”unique culture” that has grown out of the more than 700 independent record stores around the U.S. and internationally.

Record Store Day is Saturday, and many well-known bands and independent labels and even one major label are offering special releases in vinyl and CD formats to entice music lovers to check out their neighborhood retailers.

Square Records in Akron’s Highland Square, Time Traveler in Cuyahoga Falls, and Kent stores Spin-More and Turnup Records are all official participants. Others include Music Saves and Nikki’s Music Complex in Cleveland, and My Mind’s Eye in Lakewood. Several stores are also playing host to live music and/or offering giveaways with purchases.

At Square Records, owner Dave Ignizio is having a day of…

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