Musicians in line for cash boost

Ageing musicians could receive a financial boost after the European Parliament voted to extend the copyright on sound recordings.

Performers and record labels currently earn royalties for 50 years. That would rise to 70 years under the new plan.

But a proposal to prolong it to 95 years was dismissed as too long.

The plan has to be passed by EU states in the European Council to become law. It would also include extra benefits for performers and session musicians.

If approved, there would be a new fund for session musicians who signed away their rights when a recording was made.

The fund would be financed by record labels, who would put aside 20% of the benefits they get from the prolonged copyright.

There is also a clause to allow performers to renegotiate contracts with record labels after 50 years.

And artists would be able to regain the rights to a recording if the label…

continue reasding from source by BBC News


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