2010 Lilith Fair Announced by Billboard Music

The Two-Week Festival Will Take Place in 2010 with a Wide Range of Acts

It has officially been announced that Lilith Fair will return in 2010 with more concert dates. The news was first posted on the Lilith Fair web-site, and then followed up by a quick mention on the Billboard Music web-site. The news that there will be a Lilith Fair 2010 is pretty bigindeed, as it has been almost 10 years since the last Lilith Fair took place, and it would be a great move within the music industry. This could mean the return of quite a few female singers and groups, many of which achieved a lot of fame in the original run of Lilith Fair’s.

The Lilith Fair was originally a concert tour with a festival like appearance that was founded by singer Sarah McLachlan. The festival ran from 1997-1999, showing off some of the biggest female acts in the industry, and consisted of some extremely great lineups that showed off female solo artists and female-led bands of the time. This was ground-breaking at the time, and really showed…

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