Four years and two lawsuits later, RIAA settles for $7,000

The RIAA has finally settled a file-sharing lawsuit that dates back to early 2005. Four years and two lawsuits—one against a single mother and another against two of her children—netted the record labels a whopping $7,000.

One of the longest-running battles in the recording industry’s war against file-sharing appears to have finally come to an end. Michelle (age 22) and Robert (age 18) Santangelo have settled a lawsuit filed against them by the RIAA in November 2006 for P2P use that occurred when Michelle was 15 and Robert 11. The siblings will pay the RIAA a total of $7,000 in installments due by November of this year—a paltry sum given that the RIAA started its settlement offers in the $3,000-4,000 range and often raised the cost if the defendant contested the charges in court.

The RIAA had originally sued…

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