Second chance for French net bill

A controversial French bill which could disconnect people caught downloading music illegally three times returns to parliament on Wednesday for debate.
The legislation, backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, was surprisingly rejected in a vote earlier this month.

If passed, the bill would set a tough global precedent in cracking down on internet piracy.

The music industry has been calling for stricter laws as revenues have fallen.

An amended version will go before the Assembly and Senate for debate, where opponents and supporters can add further changes.

Three strikes

The new legislation operates under a “three strikes” system. A new state agency would first send illegal file-sharers a warning e-mail, then a letter, and finally cut off their connection for a year if they were caught a third time.

It has been backed by both the film and record industries.

But some consumer groups have warned that…

continue reading from source by BBC News


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