Ice-T Readies New Record Label

Hip-Hop mogul Ice-T has announced plans to launch a digital-based record label in hopes of re-igniting the sounds of late rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.
Along with detailing his motivation for the company, the rapper-turned-actor also revealed artists he’s already signed to the label.

“I’m starting a digital label through EMI,” he explained. “I’m trying to get back to more hip hop. To me, music right now is like disco. It’s very sing-songy, and nobody’s dealing with content. That’s what I miss. I miss Tupac and Big. You got Lupe Fiasco and T.I now, but in general, we’re swamped with bubblegum pop…We signed about five groups. We’ve got an artist from L.A., a group called Certified from Washington State, Born Twice from Houston and a Korean kid from New York. I’m playing the whole map.” (New York Daily News)

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