I’m So Sick of Trying To Teach Geometry to the Boxed-In Minded

Geometry is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space.

Society is crazy how it sets the natural partners (man & woman) against each other from the beginning. Women have that monthly knock at the door that tells them, “prepare for your future & pick a great king.” Men go through a different puberty which makes them say, “stay single forever & don’t get trapped.”

Women are trying to choose a king and build a castle while men are thinking they are getting trapped. So, what is a women do to? If she becomes a “yes” girl, she can’t help him evolve. Just like working out in the gym, it hurts to grow. She can only help him grow by redirecting his purposeless actions toward beneficial ones for their castle. But once she tries to make him see things any differently than how he’s been doing, a red flag goes up in his head—SHE’S CRAZY!

“She’s trying to make me understand a different perspective, a WOMAN’S perspective! It’s a trap!”

Every man should be working towards his own kingdom at some point. The intention is there even when hidden. If a guy takes the advice of a woman, for just once, he’ll never be satisfied with just his regular homies’ convos anymore. I had someone in my family learn this the hard way. He looked around one day and noticed all of his “homies” were married, parenting, housed-up, and even moved away with their families. By basing his life around these guys, he was left out. All the women that would have held down a fortress were ran off because of the ridicule he felt from his friends. He didn’t realize that it was a defense move to make sure he didn’t get a better kingdom than they did. If he took the time to jot notes, maybe he would have noticed that they went about their intimate relations(hips) separate from him.

–They would tease him about a new girlfriend but smile in her face.

He didn’t notice that even they respected her when in her face.

–They just popped up on him and took up his time at their convenience.

He didn’t notice that these were moves to see if he’d respect his time and space as a “shared” assets with his lady. They would come over and look like, “if I had her at my place, I wouldn’t have any of my friends over.”

See, even men know that a woman will help a man evolve from a boy. Women are the boys’ version of a menstrual cycle since they never have one.

I heard one guy that was always having issues with his relationship say,

I figured out the problem with my lady & me. She didn’t have anyone to talk to. I was fcking around with her and talking with my friends. It should be the other way around once I realize that only she can be the queen to my kingdom, not my boys. I was letting them in my life more than her.

At some point the boys club has to become old. Not because of the friendships, but because of the lack of growth of another gender’s perspective.

Most women end up back with their friends after a relationship because the guy didn’t want to start something new with her. Most guys end up back with their friends after a relationship because they feel the woman tried to make them start something new.

I had this chap in my face talking a mile a minute. Whenever I tried to speak, he cut me off. His point of conversing with me was to hit on me. I asked him how does he think he’s going to win me over by not listening to my words? He stuck his chest out and went on a rant about how a woman can’t teach him anything. Women should only listen to men. So I asked if he didn’t learn anything from his mother? He quickly hushed. I stated that his mother is and was just a woman to all other men and probably his father (if he thought like him). I asked him again and he said, “of course I learned from my mother.” I told him it was because he listened to her. The only difference is that he came into the world knowing his mother meant well. I said that if a woman gives you her time (the most important thing to a women more than sex because of her “biological” clock) she’s not going to waste her breath unless it is of a good intention. Most quiet women are just in it for a quick benefit. If a woman doesn’t nag (in male terms), she isn’t really worried about what happens to the guy.

Why might an older man seem more attractive? His ears are bigger.

A wiser man by the name of Sco told the young (drunk) boy who was in my face, “if you think you can’t learn anything from listening to a woman, then you’re f*cked up.” He said, ” if I knew what I do now when I was younger, I would have listened to more of them.” He looked the young fool eye to eye (with a look of knowing that he couldn’t go back in life or to the women that he used to know) and said, “I’m a man that’s old enough for you listen to that.”

Women’s bodies throw responsibility on them every month (without their control). It’s hard work for women to add order to a guy’s life. If a man believes she enjoys trying to talk to wall with every relationship, he’d be better with the boys.

Men have a purpose too–The Hunter.

The Hunter (living the single life) goes out hunting with his friends for majority of his life. His bear hunting friends eat some of the bear for themselves then dance around in the bearskin to celebrate. They have to do it each day though because they lack gatherers. The meat is wasted and spoils but they kill the biggest animal around for the male ego-fueled competition. The guy that “gets it” will notice that the one day he shoots the 2 deer instead (like advised by the gatherer), she cuts & packs it up in Tupperware, puts some away for the week (instead of the day), and then after the meal, SHE celebrates with him.

His hunting homies will tease him about this new fragile creature walking behind him on hunts now but, they also notice his methods are making his home stronger. She points out other prey that helps his health, makes his hunt physically easier, and even makes the prey tastes a hell of a lot better. Plus, after his new celebrations, a group of princes and princesses have been popping up to maintain his kingdom and hunt for him.

So, of course they tease him about listening to his gatherer. She’s helping him evolve beyond their idiotic speed.

Some men are scared of a smarter woman. She should be smarter than him in order to tolerate things he won’t.  What would be the point of an extra rib if it doesn’t help where you lacked before?

*I bet most males won’t even read this whole blog once they know a woman wrote it.

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7 thoughts on “I’m So Sick of Trying To Teach Geometry to the Boxed-In Minded

  1. Школа — это мастерская, где формируется мысль подрастающего поколения, надо крепко держать ее в руках, если не хочешь выпустить из рук будущее.

  2. your nuts lady. the divorce rate is 56% because people rush into marriage(castle). you sound like your crazy and the guys you dated had friends who told them you are crazy. sorry thats how it works, guys don’t run off cool ass girls. if the chick sucks around other people then a guy will break up with her.

  3. “Crazy” means you don’t understand (or want to understand) something, not that it doesn’t make sense. But thanks for taking the unknown time to survey all divorce cases and all the guys I’ve dated (& their friends). Nothing states for anyone to rush into marriage. Some people don’t understand how to debate without trying to insult the other side and having an opposing theory which you didn’t. You just went on the offense as if you were offended by my blog. It’s your choice to notify me that you felt like one of the hunters that didn’t get it. You could have been one of them that did & would not have found my blog disturbing at all.
    *Good thing your not presumptuous and the rest of the entire world agrees with your opinion.

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