Marc Larocque: Motown legend sounds warning to Berklee grads

(Photos By Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff)

Follow your dreams, but stay humble. That was the message directed by Motown singing legend Smokey Robinson yesterday to Berklee College of Music graduates setting out on their careers in the music industry.

“Never, ever get full of yourself. Never, ever think you are ‘it.’ If anything, you’re blessed,” Robinson told the 876 students in the graduating class, the largest in the contemporary music school’s history.

A crowd of more than 4,000 proud and smiling spectators looked on at Boston University’s Agganis Arena as the graduates, who wore pink and black gowns, received their diplomas and Robinson, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, delivered the commencement address.
Robinson told the students a story about the long history and traditions of show business, saying a figure named “Ubla” from an ancient tribe began it all when he imitated a coyote howling in the night. “You didn’t start it and you’re…

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