The Adventures of Don Ghotti & Don Pitts Vol. 3

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1. Intro – The Nightmare
2. Summer of  ’88 – Mojo Swagger
3. Breath – Brittany Street
4. Act Stupid – The Plague
5. The Top Gets Lonely – Ali Vegas
6. People Of The Night – Mojo Swagger
7. Mind Bender – Brittany Street
8. High On Love – Lydia Caesar
9. Come To Me – Darion Ja’Von Feat. Imagine
10. Ten – Jase Nova
11. YMI – CheyN
12. Interlude – Chinatown
13. Little Japanese – Prema LaNay
14. Ice Cream – Thanx
15. How Bad I Want It – Otis Lee
16. Reverse – Jahah
17. Duckdown – Penz
18. Make You Famous – Champ B
19. One – Troy Ave
20. Atlantis – The Plague
21. Pay Me – TRIMM feat. Dream
22. Outro – Home Sweet Home – Atlanta
Bonus** What You Know – Thanx
Look At Me – Jus Rolle

This Podcast accounts the memoirs of two alter egos DON GHOTTI & DON PITTS both embodied in the same human vessel. DON GHOTTI lives the lifestyle of a ROCK STAR while branding his Label (Felicitous) in the Business of Music. His motto is “The MEANS JUSTIFY the ENDS”. DON PITTS, his Goodie two-shoes alter ego lives the life of a Father of (3) three, homeowner, and GOD Fearing citizen whose motto is EACH ONE TEACH ONE !!! SUBSCRIBE NOW and Learn more about these two very INTERESTING INDIVIDUALS !!!


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