Paul Short: Ticketmaster Scams DC Springsteen Fans, More Corruption in Music Industry

Ticketmaster and it’s subsidiary, Ticketsnow, are in hot water today after 1000’s of Washington DC Springsteen fans were scammed into buying concert tickets at 3 times face value after tickets to the concert allegedly sold out.

Here’s how it works: Ticketmaster, the main retailer of concert tickets for the event, posted a sold out notice on their site, so in an effort to snap up tickets last minute, fans went to Ticketsnow who were still selling tickets, at 3 times the price.

Yes, when tickets get scarce for an event, people and companies use it as an opportunity to soak customers, but what makes this incident particularly interesting is that Ticketmaster owns Ticketsnow and the Ticketsnow site mysteriously had tickets available minutes after…

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