Feng Shui: Prema LaNay Live

Music x Art x Fashion = Feng Shui

From the people that brought you D. Woods & Janelle Monae:

Bring you these 2!

The Magnet Students @ Sambuca Jazz Cafe

3102 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

10:00PM – 2:00AM
Free Admission

***Upscale Attire Is A Must***

Info: donghotti@donghotti.com


The Magnet Students is an eclectic group of individuals who are known for their expertise in music, fashion, and marketing. These individuals are all under the age of 30 and aspire to change the perception of live events one person at a time. Collectively our team has worked directly with entertainment executives, fortune 500 companies including (AT&T, Coca-Cola, Northwest Airlines, Viacom Inc., and many others.)

Our ultimate goal is to make Feng Shui as a lasting brand which will eventually evolve nationally creating a plateau for individuals to showcase their talents and creating a first hand organic social networking experience.

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