The Famous Boys Club

I’ve been a part of and attended many entertainment events. When there are too many males in the place, a guy has referred to it as a “sausage fest.”

As artists it’s cool if you can get the next guy to be inspired by your words and even sing along in the front row. However, it can be awkward to have him waiting at your door backstage. So, I try to understand what some of the fellas expect when a whole event is catered to men. Some of them may not have any thought associated with it but if I see a flyer with nothing but guys who speak nothing but the male language, there is only a few types I expect to see show up:

  1. the guys that feel the songs sung by the artist are “boys club” anthems
  2. the guys that will wait for you backstage for a “personal” autograph
  3. the females that may know the artists personally enough to support
  4. the females that see the power the artists have over other men and try to “get in” (AKA golddiggers in disguise)

So, if you have all testosterone-driven males on stage saying testosterone-filled words (no matter if they have a “supposedly female-oriented” song about how she degrades herself or gives up her vagina for the male artists’ benefit) YOU HAVE NO FEMALE-ORIENTATION to provide.

The same ones who complain about a sausage fest are the same ones who create these environments. When you don’t include a female’s input into an event because you want to share that with your homies or you don’t want to make it seem like you are dating a female by having too much of her input; you are creating a Boys Club. It would be cool if you were 6 but, there is no outside evolution to the situation. Women are more than a cuddle companion at night.

It’s not that a woman love’s to clean; she just sees the dirt better. It’s not that a woman loves giving birth; she’s just the one that can get it done.

Keep her out of the party and watch it turn into The Dirty Awards.

What's missing in this picture...right: a slingshot & G.I. Joe figurines

2 thoughts on “The Famous Boys Club

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