J Mark Lytle, Tokyo: Artist shuns label, asks fans to download album

Danger Mouse to release blank CD-R after dispute with EMI

In yet another move signaling just how much trouble the traditional music industry is in, Danger Mouse has called on fans to ignore his record company and download his new album for free.

The US artist and producer – real name Brian Burton – had been ready for a conventional release of his new CD, Dark Night of the Soul, but fell foul of an unspecified dispute with slated distributor EMI, resulting in its apparent cancellation.

Do it yourself

Now, Danger Mouse says he will release a limited-edition book of photos by filmmaker David Lynch instead, but will include a blank CD-R for fans, hoping they’ll just burn their own copies.

The fact that the music will have to be downloaded from a file-sharing site for free doesn’t seem to bother the musician, who says he “hopes that people lucky enough to hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is.”



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