Alexandra Topping: Net-savvy bands find new ways to sell

A “QUIET revolution” is taking place in music, with the waning power of the record companies creating new opportunities for internet-savvy new bands, according to a leading industry expert.

Brian Message – chairman of MMF (the Music Managers Forum) and one of the men behind Radiohead, Kate Nash and Faithless – said the shrinking power of record labels and the diminished reach of radio combined with the bands’ ability to talk directly to their fans had sparked a huge boost in creativity.

“All over the world, a quiet revolution is taking place,” said Message. “Young artists, technology and net savvy, are doing it for themselves because they have little choice; the investment isn’t there like it used to be.”

He cited the example of how the first video by the band Hadouken! cost less than £500 ($750) to make but still got impressive playtime on MTV.

“It got there because it was good. This increased freedom undoubtedly leads to a widening of creative expression,” Message told the Great Escape, a new music festival and industry convention, which ended last weekend in Brighton, southern England.

At the risk of ruffling the feathers of some convention guests he also said he believed certain P2P file sharing should be…

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