Bishop City

Kicking down the doors of stardom with only a dollar, a drink and dream Bishop City has made a name for himself through his devotion and integrity as a young charismatic entertainer. Born Anthony Williams January 12, 1989 in the suburbs of south Chicago this gifted young man displayed his talent to entertain from the moment he was able to form words. As a teen he developed his craft even more by writing poetry which eventually progressed into lyrics. By the age of 18 this Windy City native headed south to fulfill his aspirations of becoming a rap superstar. His heart landed him in the lovely city of Atlanta where many dreams have been made into a reality. Bishop’s ambitious attitude landed him into a private industry party where he caught the keen eye of Felicitous Records’ Don Ghotti. The two formed an instant bond that is reminiscent of the relationship in which Big and Puff once had. This fateful meeting led to the signing of Bishop City to Felicitous Records in November 2007. To his fans he is the Poster boy of honesty and this distinctive gift has become one of his strongest selling points combined with his charming way with the ladies. Bishop’s lyricism and unique since of style has gained national and international attention. In only a few months Bishop City has achieved what most would take years. His success stems from his commitment to the Myspace movement and his unique swagger which keeps fans begging for more. It’s needless this candid rapper has post his claim on the map of success and is headed for greatness.

Management: Don Ghotti

Bishop City Myspace


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