Don’t Disturb This Groove

Pay attention are you listening

You’re my favorite girl
Excuse me for the moment
I’m in another world
(On a mountain) by a fountain
Flowers blooming everywhere
With venus and cupid, the picture’s very clear
Hang the sign upon the door, say
Don’t disturb this groove
Just a way to say that
I’m so into you and the feelings so real
So don’t disturb this groove
Erotic whispers for the listener
Let the music fill the air
Excuse me for a moment
I’m at a loss for words
By election sheer perfection
And as if these eyes would care
Your heart is in the right place
So don’t you go and change
Baby over and over the passion starts again
You’re my lollipops and everything
And a little taste of sin
Causing fire and desire
In this mortal soul to live
Till the angels fall from heaven
And the day the earth stands still
Hang a sign upon the door
Say don’t disturb this groove
Just a way to say that
I’m so into you and the feeling’s so real
So don’t disturb this groove
Just a way to tell you that
I’m so into you
Close your eyes and let the music put you in the groove
Lock the door and turn the phone off, it’s time for me and you
Hang the sign upon the door, say don’t disturb this groove


Pioneering synth duo the System rode the ’80s wave of emerging synth/MIDI music technology to help lay the foundation for contemporary electronic popular music with their upfront, unapologetic use of synths and intelligent songwriting.

In the early ’80s, singer Mic Murphy and keyboardist David Frank met in New York. Collecting on studio time that he had bartered for in exchange for playing on sessions, Frank asked Murphy to join him in the studio to work on some ideas. After their overnight session, Murphy took the master tape to an engineer friend that transferred the tape onto a 12″ lacquer record. The duo took the record to Atlantic’s Mirage Records and were signed right away.

Their 1982 single “You Are in My System” quickly became the rage on both the dancefloor and on urban-formatted radio, leading to the release of Sweat on Mirage/Atlantic. Other tracks from the album got dancefloor attention, such as “Sweat” and “I Can’t Let Go.” Their next album, X-periment, included the infectious “I Just Want to Make You Feel Good,” the sweet ballad “Promises” b/w “X-periment,” and the stunningly passionate “I Can’t Take Losing You.” In 1986, the duo performed the title album track/hit single “The Pleasure Seekers” on Miami Vice. The LP contained “Groove” precursor “This Is for You,” which was the second single. 1987 was a great year for the System, giving them their biggest hit. The title track of their album Don’t Disturb This Groove went to number one R&B and number three pop. The tune was also used as the basis of one of the last tracks released by Tupac Shakur. The next release, Midnight Lover, cracked the pop Top 20.

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