Performance tax raises concerns among radio industry

State lawmakers aren’t the only ones working overtime these days.

Gillmore says songwriters don’t have a chance to sell tickets to a concert and don’t have the…

Congressional lawmakers are also knee-deep is legislation. One bill not getting much attention until now is HR 848, the performance rights tax, and radio stations aren’t happy.

The alternative rock was playing at the 101X studios in Northeast Austin. But Vice President Scott Gillmore thinks Emmis Austin Radio and radio stations across the country are being played by some members of Congress who are pushing for a tax on radio.

“The big international record labels, yes, they are looking for a bailout, and they are looking for it to come from free local radio, and we do not think it’s fair,” Gillmore said.

Record labels want the government to impose a performance tax or fee on local radio stations for airing music free of charge. The money would be funneled to the record companies to compensate artists.

“We pay songwriter royalties to ASCAP, BMI and CSAC, and those royalties get distributed to songwriters,” Gillmore said.

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