A look back at the mid-20th-century photographs of Robert Frank

Robert Frank Photography (from wonkette.com)

Fifty years later, the 83 painstakingly selected black-and-white photographs from Robert Frank’s epic book “The Americans” remain as fresh and powerful — if not as startling — as they were when the volume was published.

Upon its release in 1959, however, the book was pilloried by critics because it exploded the rosy, self-satisfied fantasy of America that grew out of the post-World War II boom, presenting the American Dream as one not shared by, or equally available to, everyone.

Frank, a Swiss-born Jewish emigre living in New York, had rejected photography’s formal modernism of the period in favor of spontaneity, authenticity and a raw-edged style that shocked both the populace and cognoscenti alike. Eventually, other photographers picked up the torch, and the cultural zeitgeist shifted. Today, Frank is credited with…

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3 thoughts on “A look back at the mid-20th-century photographs of Robert Frank

  1. Hi

    It may interest you to know that iconic Photographer and Film maker Robert Frank is in Conversation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday, October 9th at 6pm. Tickets for this rare appearance are still available by visiting our website at http://www.metmuseum.org/tickets or calling 212 570 3949. I’d be happy to speak directly with you.


    Teresa Cajigas

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