‘See through’ swimsuit to eliminate tan lines

A “see-through” swimsuit that will eliminate tan lines has been developed by British designers.

The Tan Through range from Kiniki – launched earlier this month is transparent when held up to the light.

Thousands of microscopic holes in the mesh fabric allow 80 per cent of sunlight to penetrate through to the skin. However the garment is covered in ‘magic eye’-style animal prints and abstract patterns which confuse the eye so onlookers can only see a solid block of fabric.

Described as “a chicken wire mesh material” the stretchy synthetic fabric is available as all-in-one swimsuit, bikinis, wraps and men’s briefs, tangas and hipsters.

A swimsuit bought direct from the company’s website costs £34.30 while all other items are £17.43.

However health campaigners warned that the garments could contribute to already increasing cases of deadly skin cancer.

Richard Clifford, secretary of ‘Skcin’ – the Karen Clifford Skin cancer charity – said: “By virtue of the fact they are putting a swimsuit over the skin it would be very difficult to apply sun cream underneath.

“I think it is a dangerous idea and in the interests of vanity. We recommend UV protected clothing and this is the very opposite.

“Five people a day are diagnosed with malignant melanomas. It is a killer and…

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