Designer tailors business to his fashion passion

Nothing like a well dressed fella…
William Malcolm is really into men’s fashion. More specifically, the Michigan native is obsessed with suits, and his Web site more than testifies to that notion.
William Malcolm in the Australian wool-and-cashmere three-piece single-vented suit he designed, $1,175.

The site — which is part style guide, part personal shopper — allows guests to point and click their way to a custom-made William Malcolm Luxe Collection suit featuring the design details, fit and fabric of their choosing.

“A lot of men wear suits that really don’t fit them. But fit is it!” says Malcolm, whose menswear design company is based in Troy. “Americans tend to wear the American sac suit. But our suits are more tailored to the person. …When you have the opportunity to create a garment for yourself, it becomes a part of you.”

Formerly a businessman who worked in banking and finance, Malcolm of Oak Park made his official transition to fashion design almost two years ago.

“I have always been into fashion. When I was 12 years old, my mother bought me a subscription to GQ. I would look at these guys, wearing these great clothes,” says Malcolm, a graduate of Western Michigan University. “This is my passion.”

For the Luxe shopper, the options are vast. The Web site boasts 3,000…

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