Fashion world turns to bloggers to get the word out

Many designers are bypassing traditional media in search of Web audiences devoted to style and their products.
When Joel Knoernschild, designer of cult men’s brand KZO, wanted to break the news of his collaboration with fellow L.A. label Unholy Matrimony, he skipped over big newspapers and apparel trade publications and went straight to his favorite blog, Trend Land .

“After it was posted on the site, all the other fashion blogs and websites picked it up,” said Knoernschild, adding that KZO’s inbox was soon flooded with requests for the new line.

The Santa Monica-based fashion and culture website — which runs chatty reviews of designer and fashion collections– is among scores of relatively new websites and blogs based in L.A. that are reshaping the tumultuous media landscape. As designers, advertisers and readers increasingly seek them out, these rising arbiters of style are rapidly gaining clout and cachet.

Independent brands and retailers have come to consider the Web an…

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