Archive Gallery in ATL


They changed locations!

Now @

611 North Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

I had to get this one in.

well...I had to put the flyer in my purse.

There’s this fly little gallery my home girl Kayenne told me to check out called Archive Gallery.

I met Dena Mercy who put me on to other establishment members Leeroy Ellis, Chriss Jones, and Caleb (the last name slipped her memory at the time).

The current commotion going on there was Skull & Bones w/ work of Nagisa Higashida.

On the corner of North Ave. and Juniper sits a restaurant which has changed names so many times I don’t remember but is currently a Chinese restaurant I believe. On the side of the restaurant is a building with an artistic appeal. You walk downstairs into a lounge feel which surprises you with a DJ making you dance your way around the corner. The DJ on my first visit was Wes, a dude who has always brought the right type of people around him and no less than 40  individual feet infront of him depending on how many one-legged dances are on the floor. For an intimate spot to vibe and chill where you don’t know who you might see, Archive will make you feel satisfied and at ease.

While enjoying some vibrant art on the walls, get to know these peeps, you may get in on their company private parties.

Archive Gallery
583 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

75 South – Exit 249D/North Ave – Right on Juniper (immediately on the left)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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