Musicians Sing Praises of Green Guitars

David Gilmour at Live 8. Cropped version of Im...
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Environmental awareness and music meet in more venues than songs about the rainforest, and hopefully has been taken to heart by more than David Gilmour’s last album and Neil Young’s album about green cars.

The music industry has moved beyond dedicating concerts to the environment as instrument manufacturers and artists are altering their practices to reduce their environmental impact. The combination of the industry’s words and deeds could put being green front and center in pop culture.

Stringed instruments usually demand wood, or they could be made of brass or steel, like the three cones that provide the twang in steel guitars. Eco friendly guitars can be pursued through a number of vendors and luthiers, and tend to be made of certified lumber or the rare piece of tonal reclaimed wood.

Gizmag recently focused on eco friendly guitars, and brought to light the musical options for the eco-inclined, such as those made from 100% recycled material like Cyclotron guitars, and bamboo bodies. Guitar manufacturers have been spurred by an environmental initiative to use sustainable wood, raised awareness about the danger of over harvesting Sitka spruce– a beautifully resonating wood that warms the ear.

Greenpeace’s Music Wood Campaign works to…

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