A Do Or Die Fantasy

Listened to these men for years. I knew I was onto something when my Headz Or Tails cd was stolen by no other than my own boyfriend back then.

I wish I could fly
away from here
unto a place
for You and me
relax ya mind
relax ya mind
and I will fulfill
your fantasy.

Well I want to be ya fantasy
but I got to keep it real Im a pimp baby sure enough
cause I got too many chicks on da side and I love to smoke and ride
so you will recognize a true thug fill the game I go out like two slugs
ya think ya ass is da bomb you too bugged
anyway I can take you on a little cruise and
we can do the things ya really really want a do
cause im a man I believe in friends
I can give a little if you let me in
we can hit the city like alone we been
we can fly to coon with the mexicans
but ya gotta plan when the sex begins
and I dont really mind if ya lesbien
we can be a trio if ya bring ya friend
call her then we could been strait to the
crib and pop the chris pour loui you do me
most be little over to me
but I cant help it just to be me original po p-i-m-p
dobb hats city sharp do you really want to be my fantasy my fantasy.


(second verse)
Thats yo friend and she goin say
hes a pimp dont get caught up
in any composition my name was brought up
you need to check yo homie but not tonight
you involved in something thats oh so right
lay some pipe sip on some remy and stay the night
glows of vertical blinds searching for line
medical phisical burden of mine
un button her blous
how can I obtain this inner ambitous lust
roll back yo gucci dress
recieve the touch sexual thoughts
that leave nuts is it me or you who tried to resist
got you convinced
lost in the mist grabbing the sheets and balling her fists
close yo eyes go deeper than this
ex-hale and curece the way it was ment
I guess its another way that we vent
but please no hickey leave me
wishful whissper
what you need im going to get the entire picture
I wish you wish.

I put the back to the front door
in the c its down town mo mo
one chick had the look of an nypho
and my conversation just to a essintal
make a ma took a puff like indo
layed back in the drop while the wind blow
little momma drink belve or hen oh
pretty eyes thick thighs at the side door
she benificial to a man like me oh
walked in wit a pation kiss on her neck while we laughing
she be giving up on ass then ask them
do you want fly wit me belo
wana take a trip wit me belo
I can make you happy and this I know
fly to Italy
chris to the floor
do you wanna man that can sound like me
all day niggaz that be out like me
here to make you look and bounce like me
original po p-i-m-p
dobb hats city sharp do you really want to be my fantasy my fantasy.

Bio: John Bush, All Music Guide
Chicago’s Do or Die gained a hit with their first single, Po Pimp. Released on a tiny Chicago label, the track became a local hit and sparked the group’s signing by Houston’s Rap-A-Lot Records. Given a wide release in the summer of 1996, the single hit number 22, increasing the buzz for a full-length from the group. In September of that year, Picture This was released on Rap-A-Lot. Do or Die returned to action in the spring of 1998, releasing their second album, Headz or Tailz. Victory followed two years later. Back 2 the Game (2002) and Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead (2003) did well in Chicago and on the West Coast, but nationwide the group was being ignored by radio. With R. Kelly, Kanye West, and Twista all making guest appearances, 2005’s D.O.D. was an attempt to change this. A year later, Do or Die went in a totally different direction by releasing the hard, street-minded Get That Paper with Bun B the lone guest star.

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