Devyne Stephens: The Industry’s Quiet Giant

To think, I use to go to dance auditions in between classes at school (which was an hour away). I’d run to the bathroom and change from a my required pledging business suit to my stretch jersey attire and hope the state trooper didn’t catch me speed-jammin’ in my ride to Marvelous Studios. The good times… You have been referred to as “The Branding King”, “The Next Berry Gordy”, and “Music’s Best Kept Secret.” Why do we not know who you are?

Devyne Stephens: Well I work under the radar and make sure that the artists and clients that I’m working for get their shine on.

You’ve never seen him in a music video. You’ve never seen him casually showing off his rides and living space on “Cribs.” He doesn’t do reality TV or voice overs on his artists’ records. Devyne Stevens is one of the most influential entertainment moguls that you have never heard of. He is the CEO of Upfront Megatainment, a company that extends itself into every area of entertainment. Not just a record label, it is an umbrella company for an array of other projects that Stevens has put together.

There is The Complex, a large warehouse, artist boot camp where the celebs and those wanting to be celebs, can have everything done to perfect there craft from vocal and dance lessons to image consulting and media training. It’s a one-stop shop for an entertainer and the simple ingenuity of having it all under one roof makes it effective and efficient for this artist development whiz. He runs Dreamland, a huge 17-acre estate that is available for ultra exclusive events, weddings and parties. He started Devyne Intervention, which will be opening up a children’s hospital in his native Atlanta. Most renown, he has been crucial in Akon’s and T-Pain’s success, developing them into the superstars they are today. Also, as Vice President of Konvict Music, he has been instrumental in taking the label to new heights.

Keep going…there’s an interview with Ballerstatus


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