Flushed puppy freed from pipes

A British woman said her 10-week-old puppy survived a trip through her house’s plumbing after her young son accidentally flushed the small dog down the toilet.

Alison Blair, 40, said her young son, Daniel, dropped the puppy into the commode at their Northolt, England, home for a bath after he became muddy during a walk and the dog disappeared down the drain after Daniel hit the toilet’s flusher, The Sun reported Monday.

Blair said she was afraid the family had seen the last of the puppy but she called the fire department after hearing the pooch’s muffled cries coming from a drain.

The firefighters brought in specialist Will Craig, 22, of plumbing firm Dyno-Rod to locate the puppy using a special camera and nudge him toward a spot where he could he freed.

“I pushed him really slowly and watched the poor thing wriggling around,” Craig said. “Eventually I pushed him far enough for the firemen to grab. Suddenly everyone started cheering.”

Blair said her family is ecstatic that the puppy — named Dyno in honor of his rescuer — received a clean bill of health after his ordeal.

“I never thought a dog could survive being flushed down the loo. He’s a real little fighter,” she said.



2 thoughts on “Flushed puppy freed from pipes

  1. Just proves we canines have a much better system. No one has ever been flushed down the grass accidently, been clogged by _____(you filli it in), had a slow leak that ran the water bill up to $300, or split flooding the house and the apartment below. All that’s required is a little care where you set your paws. Glad my little relative escaped OK. Visit me at http://www.sandysays1.wordpress.com

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