The Full Circle Karma Key

Before  The Not So Okay Valet, I arrived at the 1st event solo and parked my vehicle down the street in a more expensive lot than the $3 valet I was so happy to see was at the venue I’d never been to before (end sarcasm). Knowing of the valet could have saved me the time of trying to get the old guy walking through the parking lot from trying to talk to me and ask for money while I walked back and forth from the parking ticket machine. I thought…well, it isn’t far at all and I won’t have to wait on my car in the line with everyone else.

After the event, there was now two of us. So, we went to make a few stops around Atlanta. Said hello at a few places like Love Thursdays at Sutra, The El Bar, and a couple of others. Afterwards, we headed back to my vehicle which was still parked in the lot that went from full (from the Fox Theatre crowd) to just one other companion in the empty lot. I dig in my purse looking for keys that were not anywhere in there. While searching in my now cynical friend’s car, 2 men appear outside of my window and start asking if the vehicle parked there was my car. Wondering where the question was going, I asked, “why?” The most talkative guy says, “…cause if it is I got something for you.” I’m thinking, “nooooooo!

Mr. Talker states that the keys were found on the step around the corner. The steps where we waited 30-45mins for the car we were sitting in. Oh, by the way, this guy is whom I ignored when parking and now holding my keys in his hand clicking to unlock & lock my car door repeatedly. He wanted me to really see that they were mine. Wow, the desire to converse has completely changed from when I was ignor[ant]ing him while parking.

Homeless Joe (on left) has already been talked about. Click on Picture to see.

All I think of is in order to know that was my car means that they did that unlocking thing before I got here. So…how about anything I had inside? The guy quickly tells me that the other guy (around the corner) found them and was going to open up everything down to the trunk but, he stopped him. He said, “Homeless Joe don’t play that!” He said he remembered me getting out of the car and stopped the guy. At this point, I had been all over the city and cash is usually spent first because it’s quick. So, that left me with nothing close to what they deserved for not being vengeful towards my earlier, anti-social introduction. The guy next to Homeless Joe pointed out how I didn’t speak to him when I was parking. Joe wanted to add to it when I asked, “would y’all want your daughter speaking to them while exiting her car at night?” They both responded with, “no.”

Homeless Joe

I gave what I had to them and told them I would remember them. People don’t understand that I remember faces even though everyone says that. I remember meeting your soul. The name and job title are extras. Like most people who I tell I’ll remember, they probably don’t believe it. But, it’s the next day and here’s the blog.


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