I don’t like this chick. She’s worse than finding out your man is with the top whore in town. She doesn’t say a word about their relationship but, she’ll have him sell you fake dreams to keep you around. She makes him feel good when everyone else wants him to evolve. He doesn’t feel judged by her or made to stay monogamous. When he swears they are broken up. She promises him to be even more discreet.

So what, if she’s that b*tch everywhere? So what, if she can get in with VIP treatment whenever she wants? I see her everywhere with everyone but, she makes each one think that she treats him on a completely higher level. She’s such a skank.

Almost every time he is about to step up and make that promise to you come true, she says, “spssssss…I miss you daddy.” She’ll love up all of his friends and even strangers right in front of his face whenever he strays. She’ll be pimped out or exclusive with no judgment or discretion.

She even hits on you and he doesn’t understand what’s the big deal about wanting the lil’threesome. He can’t see it as her wanting to dominate us both. She does exist and ladies have to fight with class. However, when the opportunity arrives in that empty dark alley, I’m taking this b*tch out! She can f*ck with whoever else, fore I am only one woman, but she will leave my pickings alone.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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