Dead Prez and Green Lantern: A Beautiful Struggle

If we don’t get them, they gonna get us all / I’m down for runnin’ up on them crackers in they city hall.” Now that I have your attention we can speak on some dead prez. The veteran Hip Hop duo has managed to constantly say what was on their mind freely and have people of all kinds vibe with them. Labels might not like it, but listeners have shown they do. Nevertheless being a politically conscience group in an industry where it is overlooked is hard to come by. dead prez has been speaking about subjects such as healthy eating, living green and activism for years. The group has been known to burn money on the stage and I’m not talking about singles. With a new American President who stands for numerous things on many different levels, it seems only right to get the opinion of and M-1 on the Head of State. Just because a black man is president it doesn’t mean that they have completed their thought. What do they hope the new President can bring to the table and how do they feel about what he’s already done thus far?

DJ Green Lantern
DJ Green Lantern

Although the group has been pretty low key on the music radar for the past few years, they come back with a project for the people. The new album Pulse of the Poeple is collaboration between dead prez and DJ Green Lantern. They’ve all worked together before and this project is special because it proves that both parties still have the creativity to make powerful music that reaches many. “We titled the album Pulse of the People because we have our ear to the ground. We’re listening to the pulse of the people from the ground up” -M-1.

HipHopDX: Being a politically conscience group, do you feel it’s harder to get your message across to people?
We [are] just doing what we feel. Who feels it, that’s who it’s for. It’s a grind like anything else. We been traveling. We just came from Scandinavia, Austria, Africa all over the world. It’s a good response.
M-1: We [have] been blessed to have a runnin’ for a minute, ya know what I mean? We put out our first record [Let’s Get Free] around ’99-2000 and without any commercial kind of support from the industry, we’ve been able to feed off what’s happening underground with the people. To answer your question directly, it’s not hard to get your message out when people are going through the same thing that you’re talking about. So that’s what we find. It might not be the same thing that’s happening in musical space, but, it’s the same thing that is happening in every community in the world. We are fortunate enough to be able to tap into that.

DX: Would you say there weren’t that many obstacles for you, or you were focusing more on the people instead of being commercial?
I mean, how can I say this? You know, the music that we doing is…

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