Will The Love For Michael Pay For The So-Called Debt?

With articles like “Baltimore music stores see album-buying surge in wake of Michael Jackson death” and statements like “Death Prompts Surge in Jackson Sales,” will the people he gave his life to ward off unnecessary debt?

It’s just an idea but, depending on his contractual agreements and structure of his will, could the miracle of his fans be next? The moonwalk was extraordinary and the praise of his music lovers maybe also. I find myself to be one of the few in my circle that owns his Invincible album. His earlier ones seem to be owned by everyone, though. People may have had some awkward feelings toward Michael for the issues the media ran with, however, I think of all the sacrifice of having nothing close to a “normal life” gives him a HUGE margin for error. The man made people across the world faint, cry, laugh, smile, scream, sing, dance, and (most importantly) dream. The next lazy, underachieving person at the local 711 with an opinion about his human ways surfacing can get a Slurpy right up the you-know-what.

Michael is nothing close to an angel to me but he is bigger than religions, politicians, govenment systems, cultures, genders, monetary statuses, and races. Rivals of any the “catergories” could be found dancing side by side at a concert, dancefloor, and even a stoplight to the sound of The King of Pop. He entertained souls which carry none of the preceding.


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