The Bourbon and Peachtree Affair at Django

Well there is a family owned restaurant in Atlanta, GA called Django.
495 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308-3102
(404) 347-8648
Get directions


It’s a Gyspy Kitchen and Lounge with nightclub downstairs. I’ve been privileged to receive love there for almost the 5 years which they will celebrate with an anniversary this July. The ambiance, food, and even location is wonderful. It goes from eatery to club around 10pm. I find myself there outside of the crowd hours. I go for the place, not the crowd (because the place does get packed).

Well, to keep from rambling on…Brendan, chief of the establishment, finally made my toes wiggle again. I love a dish that he makes which is the Chicken Penne Pasta with a Bourbon Cheese Sauce. I never remember the best day to ask so, I end up asking every time I visit. After a call and speaking with mama, I found out Brendan was arriving back in town one night. I found him up there and received a guarantee of happiness for the following day.


While leaving a meeting the next day, the people I met with didn’t understand the speed in my step when I said, “I have somewhere to be, DAMMIT!!” My tires skidded off towards the Django parking lot off Juniper Street. I may have ran a light or two, but whatever…

Wings flapped on Brendan’s back as he glided from the kitchen with a huge white bowl of habit-forming pasta. I had already did a quick toe-run dance in place, as seen on Flashdance, waaaayy before he caught how excited I really was. Comments poured in while he was in route of, “that looks good,” “what is that,” and (my favorite) “man!”

I felt like I was looking at my high school sweetheart for the first time again as the steaming dish sat before me. With hardly any insistence, a couple fellow patrons tried some of the hearty dish after watching the cheesy stream flow from the scoops I’d gather to move to smaller plates. Each sampler told me how I had a good one with this dish and to never let it go. My bar buddy said, “you are making everyone so envious with how you are so openly enjoying that food.” Fish tacos, Calimari, and even Salmon was flying from the pickup window within minutes. Melissa finally arrived at her family’s restaurant and quickly connected all the evidence. It consisted of:

  • me laid completely back in my chair, worn out after the wild honeymoon with my many taste buds
  • a hand on my tummy
  • a to-go container with a tapa portion left but still too much to add to whatever I must have taken in
  • the biggest smile in the world

I absolutely loved it along with the PRE-Tea! For those that like the taste of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka (who I enjoyed working with this summer), ask for the PRE-Tea which is Sweet Tea with a kiss. Bartender Stefan calls it a PRE-Tea-Tea (ask for his spelling). Carl will probably call it a “what did you ask for?”

I have to say THANK YOU TO DJANGO!


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