The Story of Steve McNair is Not Rare

It’s sad to hear of Steve McNair. It reminds me of a Friendly Feticide.

I don’t wish to belittle how the coach felt about the athlete. However, he told of an epidermal shot McNair went to get one time just so he could play without pain and how admirable it was of him as a team-player. In the back of my mind, I wonder if McNair’s perspective was that he was just caring about his money in order to afford an extra relationship(s) or get out of one. Who knew but him.

What is known is that an Athlete’s image isn’t always reality.

It was reported by Yahoo Sports that Sahel Kazemi was planning on selling her furniture to move in with him since he told her he was getting a divorce from his wife.

Stories of this type leave plenty of loved ones lost with questions of why.

10/21.09 addition: I’m guessing the “why” took over her mind…
It’s situations like this that can make one contemplate turning against faith. Faith will make you leave the answer up to it and find out why later in life. The lack there of will make you kill for the answer or want to stop the misery of wondering.


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