Atlanta Balladeers Jagged Edge Readies for Debut on Miami Hip-Hop Label

Atlanta R&B quartet Jagged Edge is determined to be the last band standing from crowded market of R&B soul groups launched in the 1990s. Such groups as Dru Hill, 112 and the Jodeci have since broken up, went on hiatus or found themselves shopping for record deals.

With the group’s soft, mellow and situational ballads, Jagged Edged has developed a loyal fan base that has followed the group through label changes, creative adjustments and personal challenges. While traditional R&B quartets are known to croon about chasing love, being heartbroken and romantic fantasies, Jagged Edge has stayed relevant by focusing on such “reality” issues as breaking up, making up and staying together.

Now, fans are poised to continue their journey with Jagged Edge as they prepare for the group’s first release on Miami’s Slip-N-Slide Records, home to hip-hop artists Rick Ross, Trina and Trick Daddy. Jagged Edge, which consists of brothers Brian and Brandon Casey along with Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo, says the group is eager to meet the challenge of integrating their R&B vocals into Slip-N-Slide’s hip-hop focused brand of music.

“It’s just a matter production,” says Brandon Casey, a front man for the group along with brother Brian “When it comes to music, if it moves me, I can make that record.”

Working with famed Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri on his So So Def record label, the group has been making mainstream records since the release of 1998’s “A Jagged Era,” which was certified gold with the hit single “I Gotta Be.” Since then, Jagged Edged has…

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