Illinois Graveyard Officially a Crime Scene – Relatives Search for Remains

Inside a graveyard in Cook County, Illinois close to 100 graves were dug up. The case has been deemed to be a crime scene, which means that relatives will not be permitted to visit for a few days, according to local officials Friday.

The number of graves being investigated has shot up to almost 5,000.

According to Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart, the 150-acre Burr Oak Cemetery located in Alsip, Illinois should be open to the public again in a matter of five to seven days. The investigation has opened and officials have begun to search for any misplaced bodies in “Babyland,” which is a section of the cemetery that was made especially for children.

The scene has been a disturbing sight as bones have been found scattered and people have continued to aimlessly search for the remains of their deceased family members.

Further news has developed that no records have been documented of certain burials that had taken place, although family members have continued to insist otherwise. There have been other scenarios where the records have been altered, destroyed or discovered in the homes, according to Dart.

The incident is the result of four individuals who devised a plan to pocket extra money by selling extra plots for people to bury their loved ones. These people, however, were unaware of the tactics used as these individuals dug up grave sites that already contained bodies and proceeded to move the bodies by dumping them elsewhere or double-stacking them in other grave sites.

More than 2,000 families have gathered to…

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