Megan Sanders: Horrid tastes fuel music industry

The Black Eyed Peas are not the only musical group responsible for feeding the public nonsensical lyrics laced with a semi-interesting back beat. The majority of today’s popular artists are guilty of this offense. Yet artists are under a new strain of pressures that have been wrongfully intertwined with the music industry.

As an artist, you are judged not only on your musical ability but also your physical appearance. This is erroneous on so many different levels. It is hard to believe that beauty is even included as a qualification for a musician. Just recently, Susan Boyle, a contestant on a British talent show, reminded us of this important point. Her quaint physical appearance had absolutely no bearing on her incredible and stunning vocal ability.

We allow these beautiful – yet mediocre – artists to put out garbage and still receive superstar recognition. It is time for this ridiculous and ignorant fad to expire so true talent can emerge.

A song is a poem with music in the background, and it should be judged as so. The lyrical value of a song should influence its level of popularity. The lyrics and the not-so-harmonious chords entwined with those words need to be revamped. Writing all of your songs in the same key or just throwing another ordinary beat behind your lyrics does not exemplify talent.

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