Michael Jackson Moonwalked in Pisces

It explains so much for a soul to be in the sun stage as a Virgo (Analyzer that seeks perfection) and have the moon of Pisces (Emotional Human Sacrificer).

As soon as I read his moon was Pisces, my mouth dropped. Michael used emotion (and obviously self-sacrifice) to seek or show perfection. Music is the audio version of emotion. He was the best entertainer because he perfected true emotion. The Pisces motto is “I believe.” He believed things could be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect except the acceptance of imperfection. He sacrificed himself getting as possible to perfect as could be. I love him and miss him.

Moon in a water sign is always decidedly more emotional than other Moons.
Pisces Moon is incredibly intuitive and can sense moods from people and places. They often get confused between what they sense around them and their own feelings. Moon in Pisces individuals are very sensitive and sympathetic to others. They have problems defining emotional boundaries as they have a great need to feel taken care of. This can often get them into situations where others emotionally dominate them. Love and feeling good is important to them. They want everyone around them to be happy and positive or it can bring them down. However, it is often hard for them to feel positive and happy within themselves because they often lack an emotional anchor and a base of security. They are great friends and lovers but they can also become emotionally dependent on their loved ones. Forgiveness and sacrifice is one their greatest attributes. They are also very affectionate and wonderful at letting and showing others that they care.

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